Punta Licosa, the last part of the Gulf of Salerno, is a hamlet of Castellabate. The name of Punta Licosa comes from the name of the mermaid Leukosia that tried to provoke the shipwreck of the ship of Ulysses. It had already been mentioned by Strabo. This area was considered very dangerous, especially the part between the harsh rock and the isle (on which there is a lighthouse).
Legambiente considers this beach as one of the most beautiful in Italy . This is a real paradise for tourists thanks to its beauty and peace. Mediterranean bush is prosperous and contains a small village at the feet of Licosa Mountain (326 m above the sea level) and an ancient fortress.
There are many small and rocky beaches where the sea is beautiful.
The small isle of Licosa can be reached by boat and it is one of the many wonderful hidden treasures of Cilento.
Two concerts have been dedicated to the mythical mermaid: they are performed on boats, on the sea, between the beach of Punta Licosa and the small isle of Licosa.
We recommend to wear appropriate shoes because rocks can be very dangerous.




Photos of Punta Licosa