Monuments and natural beauties...

  • San Bernardino Church of XVII century, with the painting “Redentore tra i Santi Bernardino ed Antonio Abate”
    San Salvatore Church, built in XVI century and keeps some important works of art, as for example the polyptich of the Transfiguration
    Walls of Villa Comunale Pavone
    Piazza Torre with Mangone Tower of XVI century
    Santa Barbara Church of XIII century
    De Conciliis baronial palace of XVIII century
    Palazzo Siniscalchi (the chapel has the floor made of ceramics from Vietri), Torre, Mangone, Albini, Visco and De Feo
    Ancient fountain with lavatories and watering place


The name “Troclara” appeared for the first time in a document dated 1058. In 1100 the town was mentioned in a notary's act: the bishop of Capaccio and the Abbot of Cava established the boundaries of some lands, mentioning also “serra quae dicitur Troclara”.
The name comes from “Turris clara”, that is “famous tower”: in fact there are several towers on the territory.
The story of this area is linked to that of Sanseverino family that had received it from Princes of Salerno. It was ruled by different families until XVIII century when it passed to De Conciliis barons that ruled it through four elected people that represented the different social classes (noblemen, artists, farmers, farm labourers).




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