Monuments and natural beauties...

  • Palazzo Materazzi. It can be visited on request to the owners. It was built in 1694 and is well kept
    San Nicola church with graveyard. It was built in 1072, there are frescos of XVI century
    San Nicola water-mill, in Capograssi area
    Ilexes wood


The name is formed by the Middle Ages Latin words “serra” (montis), that is mountain or hill side and the adjective “medianus”, that is “median”.
The first hamlets were founded in 1073, but only in 1254 they took the modern name Serramezzana. It developed in XV century when it entered the Barony of Cilento and was given to Capograsso family.
During Norman period Serramezzana had a very organized civic life, where there were rigid rights, for example for the use of mills, for vintage, etc.
In 1574 the feud passed to Nardo Luca Frezza and then to Piccolonimi family; it was then ruled by different families, until 1806 when feudalism was abolished.




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