Monuments and natural beauties...

  • Aurelio tomb, with a sarcophagus m 1.80 long and cm. 48 wide
    San Giovanni Evangelista Church. It has a rectangular nave, and two side aisles. There are large windows. The main altar is similar to that in the Sanctuary of Pompei. In the apse there is a wood chorus of 1801. Matteo Volpe from Buccino painted the ceiling of the apse with a luminous dove
    Madonna di Loreto Chapel, with a painting by Nicola Pecchenedda
    Santa Maria del Carmine Chapel, called Alla Fontanella
    Santa Maria del Monte Carmelo Chapel, called Al Pantano
    San Michele Chapel
    San Vito Chapel, built in 1756
    San Rocco Chapel
    Madonna delle Grazie Chapel, founded in 1602. According to a legend, in the foundations there is a bone of whale, maybe donated by a sailor as a sign of devotion
    Annunziata Chapel
    Santa Lucia Chapel
    San Biagio Chapel
    San Giuseppe Chapel
    Sant’Antonio da Padova Chapel
    Santa Maria di Cielo e Terra Chapel
    San Pietro Chapel, with an ancient altar-piece
    Palazzo Di Novella, De Benedectis, Saraceni, Sabini, Ferro, Raimondini
    Grangia di San Zaccaria, built in X century
    Ponte Silla, a bridge
    Ruins of a Roman villa
    A prehistoric cave


The name Sassano maybe comes from Sasso Sano, expressing the idea of the search for a “healthy place”, “luogo sano” in Italian, in the marsh area of Vallo di Diano. Maybe the town was founded around X century, after the invasion of Saracens.
The story of the town was linked to that of Padula Charterhouse.
In 1860 there was the organization of a “league made by farmers” against the abuses of rich families over the state lands.




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