Monuments and natural beauties...

  • Santa Maria Maggiore Church, with its wood sculptures and the paintings made in 1700
    Annunziata Church, that contains a Flemish painting of 1500 portraying Our Lady of the Rosary
    Monte Carmelo Sanctuary, where many pilgrims go in September
    San Sebastiano Church
    San Rocco Church
    Santa Maria dei Martiri Church
    San Tommaso Chapel
    San Salvatore Chapel
    Sant’Antonio Chapel
    Carmine Chapel
    Palazzo Baronale, D’Aromando, Cafaro, Mele, Costa, Casa Sacco
    Grangia di Sant’Antonio


The name of the town, founded in IX century, indicates its Byzantine origins.
A document of 1136 mentions the fact that Sant’Arsenio belonged to Diano territory.
It was ruled by Guarna and Sanseverino, religious affairs were managed by the Abbey of Cava until 1513.
Other families ruled Sant’Arsenio, for example Villano and Schipani families.
The brigand Tittariello terrorized the whole Vallo di Diano.




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