Monuments and natural beauties...

  • Santa Eufemia Church
    Madonna delle Grazie Chapel
    San Costantino Martire Chapel
    Santa Reparata Chapel
    Santa Maria Chapel
    Santa Sofia Chapel
    Monastery church
    S. Rocco Chapel
    San Mauro Church, of late-Baroque style, with bell tower, from there the Gulf of Palinuro can be admired
    San Nazario Church. Some basilian monks coming from East, founded around year 1000, on Melpi River, the Abbey dedicated to San Nazario. The church has two side naves and a central one, there are paintings portraying the martyrdom of San Nazario
    Palazzo De Cusatis


The name comes from the Patron, Abbot Mauro, who lived during Saint Benedict time. Maybe Bruca is of Greek origin.
The church dedicated to the Saint and the town was maybe founded around 1044; in this period also the basilian abbey of San Nazario was restructured by Montecassino Abbot, the Benedictine Richerio.
The origins of San Mauro La Bruca are not certain. In XIII century the town belonged to the Order of Malta. The knights ruled the town and were opposed by the bishops of the area.
In 1465 the feud belonged to Antonello De Petruciis, prime minister of king Ferrante, together with other feuds that formed Policastro county. In the following centuries the county was ruled by different feudatories.




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