Monuments and natural beauties...

  • San Nicola Chapel; the entrances are decorated with arches that come from the ancient portals
    Ciaramitoli Arch
    A stone cross, of XVIII century
    “Eleusa”, a museum-library keeps ancient texts, manuscripts, archaeological finds
    The Cathedral, built in XII century; there is a stoup of 1577 and a XV century wood chorus
    Carmine Church, of XVI century
    Spirito Santo Chapel, of XV century
    Sala century of XVII century
    Palazzo dei Principi Paleologo di Bisanzio, of XV century


The town was already inhabited during V-IV century b.C.
The modern Casalsoprano is made of the ancient hamlets that in the past were part with others of San Mauro del Cilento territory: the core of this hamlet was the church, life developed around it.
At the beginning of XIV century, San Mauro was destroyed by Angevin and Aragon domination.
This territory developed during Longobard domination and thanks to the presence of Greek-Italian monks. Some Greek families escaped from Turks in 1453 and moved to San Mauro, they chose San Mauro because the legitimate heir of Byzantium throne lived there, as a hostage between Naples and Byzantine Empire.
San Mauro became a feud of Sanseverino family until the Conspiracy of the Barons when the Sanseverino lost all their territories. In 1504 the family returned in its territories. During XVI and XVII centuries different families ruled this area. The last proprietor was Francesco Vetere.




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