Monuments and natural beauties...

  • Fontana dei pizzi, a fountain
    San Donato Chapel
    Madonna del Monte Chapel
    Sant’Antonio Abate Chapel
    Santa Maddalena Chapel
    San Nicola Church
    Selva Dei Santi, Montagna Serra, Lufrone and Fontana woods
    Ruins of a Benedictine monastery


Perito is the ancient Pirillo Suttano, it was called Presuttano. It was a small village and after its destruction Perito was founded around 1200 at the top of the hill.
The name Perito maybe comes from the fact that Pirillo Suttano had been destroyed (was "perito" in Italian).
But maybe the name comes from “pere” (pears), because pears were cultivated in that hamlet. A third hypothesis says that the name comes from "selce piromaca" that is the stone used to obtain fire and gun powder. In fact in this town there was the biggest production of the famous gun powder of Cilento (the large mortars in which it was produced are still there).
A legend tells that the inventor of the gun powder, hidden in a bush, tried the powder on a monk who was passing. This is why the town was called also “the town of bloodthirsty people”.
In 1861 Perito became an autonomous municipality. Inhabitants took part to Risorgimento and in Perito brothers Capozzoli were caught.




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