Monuments and natural beauties...

  • Vargas-Machucha Castle, built in XVI century, with a wide courtyard and a XVII century fountain. The philosopher Gian Battista Vico stayed there, there is a library with books about him
    Madonna delle Grazie Church of XI century; on the façade there are two fragments of a Roman sarcophagus of IV century a.C.
    San Sisto Church, built in XVI century
    San Nazario Church built in 1311
    Santa Maria della Pietà monastery is very interesting, it was founded in 1619. There was an ancient library, where probably Vico studied
    Santa Maria del Carmine monastery, founded in 1472. It is like a castle because it was built in the first half of XVII century against the attacks of the brigands. Cloister is actually beautiful
    Santa Maria della Porziuncola monastery, founded in 1635. The church is very interesting; there are some beautiful XVIII century paintings that decorate the altars. There is also a XVI century cross that arrived to Perdifumo together with the statue of Our Lady of the Rosary. The small fresco on the entrance is called “della Porziuncola”, it is considered miraculous by the population
    Santa Maria degli Angeli monastery, where the visitors make three bows to honour the Cross
    Cenobio di Sant’Arcangelo ruins, one of the most ancient monasteries of Cilento
    Palazzo Guglielmini
    XVI century fountain: there are still two epigraphs that recall the purchase of Perdifumo by Guindacio
    Museo terra batulliani. Founded thanks to the work of the association “Scienza Nuova” in 1994, there are more than 5.000 different pieces about the changes of the earth during the year
    Museo Vichiano and biblioteca vichiana in Palazzo Vargas, a museum and a library dedicated to Vico
    Santa Sofia wood
    San Vincenzo pinewood


Perdifumo is situated near a stream; during Middle Ages it was called “pes-de-flumine”.
The first inhabited town was founded during XI century and included also Sant’Arcangelo village. In that period, Perdifumo was given to Sanseverino family. After the Vespro war (1282-1302), Perdifumo was completely destroyed. It returned to life and it belonged to the Abbey of Cava until 1412, when all the feuds of Cilento were given by Pope Gregorio XII to King Ladislao di Durazzo. Perdifumo was then given in 1436 by Alfonso d’Aragona to Sanseverino family.
In 1500 after the Barons’ Conspiracy (1485-87) the Sanseverino family lost all his feuds and king Federico d’Aragona gave Perdifumo to knight Giacomo Guindacio, a Neapolitan nobleman. Then the feud was ruled by Caracciolo, Brancaccio (1561) and then Del Baglivo (1568). From 1636 it was ruled by Princes of Roccadaspide, until the end of feudalism (1806).




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