Monuments and natural beauties...

  • Santa Maria della Stella Chapel
    There is an area called Li Morge by local population: it is made of big monolithic stones, covered by vegetation. The biggest one is called “a preta Nzitata”. According to an ancient tradition, women went in pilgrimage towards this stone and threw nine small stones on this big one, flat on the top. In this way women were sure to become pregnant, in fact “a preta Nzitata” means “stone that fecundates"
    S. Nicola Church built in XVI century
    Palazzo De Feo, built around 1700
    Località Mezzoni. An Aleppo pine wood
    Località Donnico. A chestnut grove


The name comes from the Latin word dominicanus, that is “property of the lord”. It was founded as a Longobard castle. But today there is no trace of this castle. Then the town was ruled by many different families, among them Sanseverino family.
In 1332 Sanseverino gave the territory as a sub-feud to the nobleman from Salerno Giovanni Grillo, together with Sessa. At the end of XIV century these villages passed to Capano family.


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