Monuments and natural beauties...

  • Cartolano Palace, built in 1500
    Baronale, Gorga and Forte Palace, they are really beautiful, they were built in XVIII century and represent the most interesting part of the architectural heritage in Monteforte. In the baronial Palace there are still the ruins of the ancient jails
    Santa Maria Assunta Church, restructured in XVIII century, with three beautiful altars


The name comes from its strategic position, at the slope of Chianiello mount, Mons Fortis, that is fortified mountain. During Middle Ages the town was one of the outposts of the Barony of Novi led by the famous commander Guglielmo di Monteforte. In 1340 there was a terrible plague and the population decreased. During the war of Vespro the situation became even worse: many hamlets were destroyed on the hills of Cilento by Aragnons that had settled in Castellabate. During XVI century population instead increased and the town developed, many rich houses were built. In 1463 the king of Naples, Ferdinando d'Aragona, gave Monteforte to Sanseverino family that ceded it as a sub-feud to Leonetto Gentilcore and, at his death, to his son Maramaldo. At the beginning of 1800 in Monteforte there was one of the most famous bands of brigands, the band of Capozzoli brothers, the most important protagonists of Cilento rebellions of 1828. They became brigands for familiar reasons, supported the liberal doctrine and were shot in Palinuro, on the 25th June 1829 by Bourbon regime.




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