Monuments and natural beauties...

  • San Gaetano Chapel with a wonderful organ and two shrines containing two wood busts portraying San Francesco Saverio and San Pasquale. There is an interesting painting portraying Our Lady and San Gaetano with the Holy Child
    Fountain in the ancient part of the town of 1593
    Madonna dei Cerri Church
    Sant’Anna Church
    Madonna di Loreto Church
    San Giacomo Apostolo and San Filippo Church
    Sant’Antonio Church
    San Nicola Church with the charming bell tower of Nostra Signora del Rosario Chapel
    Palazzo Marone


According to a legend, the town was founded by people coming from Gargano mount or by pilgrims devoted to Saint James of Compostela. The name of the town comes from the cult of the Spanish saint Jacopo di Diano.
The town developed during Norman period, but on the territory there are archaeological sites of pre-Christian age, of 50.000 years ago.
The town developed at its best around XVI century, when some families built their elegant palaces. It was a sad period: barbaric invasions, Longobard, Saracen and Arab invasions destroyed the town. Thanks to Normans the situation improved. In these years the inhabitants moved to the valley and founded San Giacomo church. New palaces were built: Marone, Nicodemo, Gorrese palaces.
In 1800 the patriots Michele Aletta and Vincenzo Marone took part to the fights for independence.
In 1933 there was a rebellion against the abuses of the Fascist government.




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