Monuments and natural beauties...

  • Santa Lucia Sanctuary, with ancient frescoes on the rocks
    Annunziata Chapel, built in 1600, only ruins remain
    Santa Maria Assunta Church, with a pink façade; the church is richly decorated
    San Fortunato Church, there are three letters carved on the top beam , maybe A of amor (love), G of gaudium (joy) and p of pax (peace). The main wood door was made by Master Antonio Infante in 1733
    San Mauro Sanctuary, a rocky chapel. There are some interesting frescoes of 1400 portraying episodes from the life of saints, angels, musicians and singers
    Middle Ages bridge on Calore River, it is surrounded by wonderful poppy fields
    Rupe rossa, an archaeological site with lucani finds


The name comes from “manlius”, a noble name in the ancient Rome, to which the suffix “etera” was added in VI century, it means “old town”. The area was inhabited by Italian-Greek monks. They escaped from the Balkans in VI century and founded a monastery in this territory.




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