Monuments and natural beauties...

  • San Francesco Monastery, built by Sanseverino in XIV century
    San Pietro Apostolo Church. Inside there are paintings of 1700, wood statues and a pipe organ. The main altar is really beautiful with its polychrome marbles and the stone stoups. The door is in bronze and was made by Mario Modica who was inspired by episodes of Saint Peter's life


The name "cuccaro" comes from Greek and means a peak, while vetere comes from Latin and means ancient. The name indicates a town on the peak of a mountain that dominates the valley.
The position was strategic, in fact in the past it was a fortress, a safe refuge.
The town was one of the four Norman fortresses of Novi Barony.
The town was ruled by King Ferrante with his fortress in the castle whose ruins remain.
Cuccaro was burnt seven times. The inhabitants knew that invaders came from Vallo della Lucania and took refuge behind small mountains made of stones, along Scalicelli road. They launched these stones against the invaders.




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