Monuments and natural beauties...

  • Santa Sofia Sanctuary is very interesting. On the left there is a bell tower with four floors and three bells. The statue of the saint with the three "daughters" (Faith, Hope and Charity) is really beautiful. There is also a chapel (still existing, it is no more used for religious services) where the saint, dressed as a nun, was venerated
    Maria SS. delle Nevi Church. The main altar is made of vividly coloured marbles (white, red, orange, dark green). The dome of the apse and its walls are decorated with stuccoes and friezes of neoclassic style
    Palazzo Canonico De Luca, with a stone portal and a courtyard in the hall
    Bulgheria Mount with a refuge
    San Michele Arcangelo Chapel. Only ruins remain
    Assunta Church, built in XIV century. It has 3 naves, in Baroque style with the main altar decorated in polychrome marbles. The wood statue of 1770 portraying Our Lady of the Assumption is really beautiful
    Caputo Camillo


The town was maybe founded around 700 a.C. when some Bulgarian soldiers came here with a Longobard expedition. Duke Romoaldo allowed them to settle near Paestum. Later they arrived at the feet of the mountain that took their name, Bulgheria Mount, where they founded some villages.
Maybe one of these villages was the seat of a “laura” whose cells were inhabited by Italian - Greek monks, this is why the town around the laura was called also “Celle”.
In the following centuries the village followed the destiny of Roccagloriosa.




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