Monuments and natural beauties...

  • The Angevin tower is very interesting, from there it is possible to admire a wonderful garden made of arches, stalagmites, covered by minute gravel
    The ancient part of the town, on the houses there are still the writings “Viva il Re” (Long Live the King) of 1946 and “Viva Repubblica” (Long Live the Republic) written during the campaign for referendum
    The castle, from which it is possible to see a wonderful panorama. According to the legend, it was linked to that of Velia and to other fortresses through subterranean tunnels
    Santa Maria Maddalena Church. The road to the church is made of a big mosaic of small stones used to build arches and vaults


The town was probably found around year 1000. Probably a certain Gisulfo di Mandia, a famous executioner of Federico II, built a wonderful tower, still existing.
With the Conspiracy of Capaccio to which also Gisulfo di Mandia took part, all the goods of Mandia family were confiscated and Castelnuovo was given to Guido d’Alemagna, a French knight of Carlo d'Angiò court.
The town was dominated by different families between 1469 and 1724.
During the rebellions of 1848 rebels met in Castelnuovo.




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