Monuments and natural beauties...

  • Palazzo Morrone with XVIII century palace
    Santa Maria della Pietà Church is very interesting with its Renaissance portal of 1521. There is one main nave and a smaller one; a beautiful painting made in 1505 portraying The Pity with the Dead Christ, the pious women and Saint John the Evangelist
    San Michele Arcangelo Church, with the ceiling decorated by three paintings portraying Saint Joseph, Saint Michael the Archangel and Our Lady of the Rosary
    La Macchia, a naturalistic area with oaks, Turkey oaks, elms, wild boars, foxes, crows, etc.


Maybe Bellosguardo was an outpost during the alliance of Fasanella with Peastum, as some finds of IV – III century b.C. tombs testify.

During Middle Ages Bellosguardo developed, especially during Longobard period.

In 1695 the town passed to Giacomo Pignatelli that gave it to Caracciolo family. During the Risorgimento many inhabitants of Bellosguardo entered Garibaldi army.




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