Monuments and natural beauties...

  • San Michele Arcangelo Church
    San Ciro Church
    San Nicola Church
    San Giuseppe Lavoratore Church
    Santa Maria Maggiore Church
    Madonna della Colomba Sanctuary
    Palazzo Spagna, Caracciolo, Pessolano, Di Santi
    Porta d’aquila, a door
    Antiquarium, with finds of Bronze Age and Roman funerary epigraphs
    Megalithic walls remains
    Ruins of the castle


Atena was maybe founded around IV-V century b. C. It was an important Greek colony and became more important during Roman age (it was called Municipium Campus Atinas) as the finds kept in the Antiquarium testify.
Then the town developed again during Middle Ages when it was ruled by Longobards and Normans. Many families ruled the feud: Sanseverino, Carafa, Filomarino and Caracciolo di Brienza families.
During XVII century the town became richer as the building of many new elegant houses testifies.
In 1857 and in 1980 there were two terrible earthquakes.




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