B & B and Cilento: a perfect combination! The bed and breakfast in Cilento is a perfect choice. Visiting the Cilento means having the opportunity to spend a holiday in total relaxation, having fun, in a natural setting full of offers. The Cilento is a land rich in resources: nature in many places, especially those more internal, still uncontaminated; the marvelous sea, like in Ascea, Acciaroli, Marina di Camerota, very long beaches like in Palinuro; places of great cultural interest at two steps, such as the temples of Paestum or the excavations of Velia. The Parco del Cilento does not leave unsatisfied tourists who choose to spend a holiday there. Spending a holiday in the Cilento also means having the possibility of a particular accommodation suitable for the territory: the Cilento hosts a myriad of bed and breakfasts, from the smallest to the largest, made in the most picturesque and well integrated in the territory. B & b in the internal areas, obtained in old farmhouses, where you can live an experience in contact with nature, particularly suitable for children who, often for the first time in their lives, have the opportunity to play with "real animals", go on horseback, feed the cows and more.

And then the beautiful bed and breakfasts obtained from the ancient buildings in the historic centers of the Cilento towns: narrow, winding alleys, picturesque stairs, small squares that suddenly open in the ancient heart of these towns; choosing to stay in these structures is also to choose to take a journey through time, a return to the past that brings you closer to your own history and roots. The b & b of the Park of the Cilento have many advantages: their ideal position, the family and professional management at the same time, the presence in the structures of typical and organic products, the advantageous price. Choosing to stay in a b & b means being able to sleep in dreamy places at reasonable prices. What can a tourist ask for better?

Here, this is the offer of the Cilento park: nature, culture, dream sea, welcoming and economic facilities, a tasty cuisine made of local products. Come, try and you will not regret