Monuments and natural beauties of Castellabate...

  • Castle, ordered by Abbot Costabile Gentilcore in 1123; it was a great defence against Saracen pirates
  • Antiquarium, with Roman amphoras and anchors, found in the sea
  • Basilica Pontificia, it is very interesting. It is in Romanic style and was built in the first half of XII century. There is a beautiful polyptich by Pavanino da Palermo, a very important example of XV century painting
  • Lago, a lake reclaimed by Benedictine monks, covered by Mediterranean bush and flowers
  • San Marco, a nice port rich of Greek and Roman story. There are submerged ruins of a Roman port, a necropolis belonging to the I and II century a.C.
  • Punta del Pozzillo
  • Castelsandra wood
  • San Biagio Chapel
  • Santa Maria della Pietà Chapel
  • San Giovanni Battista Chapel
  • Villa Belmonte
  • Villa Matarazzo
  • Palazzo Iaquinto
  • Palazzo Perrotti
  • Ogliastro Marina creek and Punta Licosa isle, the ancient Leucosia, a mermaid that disappeared in the sea. There are the ruins of a maritime Roman villa, partly submerged
    Santa Maria Church, of Middle Ages
  • Tower on the coast of XVI century
  • Palazzo Granito of XVII century


Castellabate where it is located...

Castellabate offers many resources to tourists: sea, beaches, nature, mild climate and it is not far from other interesting tourist towns: the archaeological sites of Paestum (19 km) and Velia-Elea (38 km). In Agropoli (12 km) there is the railway station. There are other beautiful places not far from Castellabate: Acciaroli (20 km), Casal Velino (37 km), Ascea Marina (38 km) , Pisciotta (51 km). Castellabate is 61 km from the caves of Palinuro and 78 km from Marina di Camerota .

Photo of Castellabate

Photos of the territory of Castellabate; of the beaches, of the town, of the historical center.



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