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  • Excavations of Velia


    The ancient velia, the prosperous city of Magna Graecia, was located on the coast of the territory of Ascea Marina and famous for its important Eleatic philosophical school. The archaeological excavations have unearthed its remains that can currently be visited ...


Acciaroli: Monuments...

    • • Ancient Norman tower: in ancient times it defended Acciaroli from Saracen pirates.
    • • Church of the Annunciation from 1100 AD with its characteristic bell tower;
    • • Waterfront of Acciaroli;


Where is Acciaroli...

    • The famous writer Hemingway loved Acciaroli and this small town probably inspired his famous novel, “The old man and the sea”. Acciaroli is in a strategic position: 36 km from Paestum ; 17 km from the excavation of Velia (Elea) and 119 km from the excavations of Pompeii ; 30 km from Agropoli ; around 18 Km from Castellabate ; around 15 Km from Casal Velino , 17 from Ascea Marina , and 31 Km from the picturesque village of Pisciotta . Palinuro is at 40 km (with its beautiful caves) and Marina di Camerota is at 51 km; at 77 km Sapri , and at 97 Km Maratea . Salerno is 92 Km from Acciaroli and Amalfi Coast 95 Km . Amalfi , the famous town, is 115 km from Acciaroli; Positano153 km and Ravello with its beautiful landscapes 119 km .

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