Monuments and natural beauties...

  • Mills and foundries ruins, covered by a thick vegetation
  • Porta Suctana, the main entrance and Porta Suprana
  • Immacolata Concezione Church
  • Purgatorio Church
  • Santa Maria Assunta Church, with a small XVIII century containing the relics of San Felice Martire. To the church belongs the wonderful silver cross (now at Museo Diocesano of Policastro Bussentino)
  • Ruins of the Byzantine Church
  • Ruins of Palazzo Marchesale belonged to Carafa family, with a beautiful stone portal. In the courtyard there is the pit
  • Santa Maria dei Martiri Chapel with the statue of Our Lady, a sculpture in a niche of the wall with frescoes, portraying the Christ Pantokrator surrounded by two angels and saints
  • San Vito Chapel
  • Graveyard Chapel
  • Battaglia spring with fountain
  • Capello spring and fall
  • Casaletto River
  • Mariolomeo Cave


Tortorella has a Middle Ages origin. In 1021 it became a feud of Salerno Princedom, and then it was ruled by Sanseverino, Caracciolo, Spinelli and Carafa families. Carafa family was the last family to rule the feud before the abolition of feudality in 1806.

by Stefania Maffeo




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