Monuments and natural beauties...

• San Demetrio Martire Church, with fine stucco decorations on the nave and a beautiful stucco angel in liberty style that supports the pulpit
• Palazzo Baronale, inside there is a chapel dedicated to Our Lady of the Graces
• Museo della Civiltà Contadina, an ethnographic museum created thanks to the private collections of Clorinda and Modestia Florenzano. There are more than 250 tools and instruments used in rural life. There is a nice section dedicated to a candle factory where devotional objects were produced
• SS. Annunziata Church, built at the beginning of XVI century in which there are the relics of Saint Theodore and Saint Blaise
• Madonna dei Martiri Chapel
• Wwf Oasis
• Bussento cave. Through a small stone staircase the visitor arrives to a wood bridge on a canyon created by the river
• Sicilì hamlet, at the slopes of the green hill Mamino Mount


According to a legend, the town is on the place where there was a fortified village in the past, founded by the ancient Italic population Morgeti. Then, there was a small Roman colony, as ruins of Rumanuru area testify.
The modern town was founded around VIII century a.C. thanks to a group of Greek monks escaped from iconoclastic persecutions. The monks kept the Sacred Icon of Saint Demetrius, today kept in the homonymous sanctuary.
During Angevin domination, the hamlet was fortified and then many families ruled the town.
In XIV century Morigerati passed to Sanseverino family, like the other surrounding towns.




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