Monuments and natural beauties...

• Palazzo Menta, where many objects of local traditions are
• San Nicola di Bari Church, built in XII sec. There are three naves richly decorated with stuccoes portraying the life of the Saint
• Fontana Vecchia, a fountain
• Capello spring and fountain
• Capello water mill, near Rio Casaletto River, built in 1910
• Ruote La Fertè (French millstones)
• Madonna dei Martiri Chapel, with the ancient stone icon of Madonna del Cammino, of XIV century
• San Giovanni Chapel
• Ponte dei Normanni, a bridge that linked Casaletto to Tortorella.
• Gorge of Bussentino stream
• Santa Maria della Stella Church is very interesting with its XVI century arches on the left side. In the first chapel on the right there is a very interesting painting with the Deposition from the Cross
• Capelli di Venere fall with an ancient mill
• Faggeta, a beech wood
• Palazzo Gallotti, built in XVI century with small angular towers
• Sant’Antonio di Padova Church of XVI century
• San Francesco Monastery ruins with the small chapel dedicated to Our Lady of the Graces
• Rocche Path
• Battaglia spring with a fountain whose water has diuretic effects
• Vottarino caves


The name comes from “sparto”, a graminaceous of the area used to make baskets and cords. The first document in which Casaletto is mentioned is a parchment by Don Pedro da Toledo in which he talks about the lands given to Isabella Caracciolo, duchess of Castrovillari on Tortorella area and its hamlets (Battaglia, Casaletto and Bonati).
At the end of XIV century Casaletto, together with Tortorella, became a feud of Sanseverino family.
In 1562 Casaletto and Battaglia were bought by Barons Gallotti family.




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